Our mission at Geomat is to provide businesses a cost effective EPA and OSHA approved solution. The organizations that are faced with the challenges of preventing fluids and contaminants from entering the environment are protected by our patented waste water recovery system enabling their operations to be fully compliant of Federal and State law.


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Fleet Washing

Vehicle washing is the cleaning of privately owned vehicles. Such vehicles include cars, trucks, rental, public school buses, vans, municipal buses, utility vehicles, industrial vehicles, moving vans or trucks, tractors, etc. Other equipment such as airplanes, boats, tanks, wheeled tactical vehicles, farm equipment, trailers, construction equipment, dozers, backhoe loaders, excavators and dump trucks are also being washed at some facilities. If not properly managed, the wash water will pollute the water supply and/or surrounding water bodies. It can carry sediment and contaminants (for example oil, grease, metal, paint chips, phosphates, detergents, soaps, cleaners and other chemicals) to surface waters, or it can contaminate ground water by in literation or by drainage to subsurface wells and septic systems. Once a water supply becomes contaminated, it is very difficult and costly to treat. Sometimes the treatment process is unsuccessful and can lead to multiple fine from State and Federal agencies.



The patented design is appropriate for permanent and semi-permanent facilities. We can custom design any unit to your specific needs. Our systems have the ability to be set up as a closed loop system, to be tied-in to a sanitary sewer system and also have the ability to tie-in to a conventional evaporator, depending on your individual needs and application. Geomat also has the ability to be relocated with out leaving an environmental footprint.